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Movie Web Sites
She's All ThatShe's All That, Mirimax. Rachael Leigh Cook is "all that".  This rap summarizes the plot.  (You'll need Real Player to hear it.)  

Here's the plot: Zach (Freddie Prinze Jr.) stars as a high school hot shot who makes a bet with a fellow classmate that he can turn geeky Laney (Rachel Leigh Cook) into a Prom Queen. Problems arise when Zach becomes involved and in love with the transformed Laney.




Paramount PicturesParamount Pictures, a Viacom company
Warner Bros.Warner Bros., an AOL Time Warner company
Universal PicturesUniversal Pictures
Sony PicturesSony Pictures
DisneyWalt Disney Pictures
newlineNew Line Cinema
Fox SearchlightFox Searchlight Pictures
RegencyRegency Enterprises
FinelineFine Line Features
TrimarkLion Gate Films


Movie Information


header.gif (3937 bytes) The Internet Movie Database has all sorts of information about movies.   The IMDB was acquired by recently as part of Amazon's plan to dominate not just books, but also music CDs and movies.  The IMDB includes value added features such as "The WASHED-UPdate",s a regular weekly column written by Greg Bulmash which tracks down all those stars from the 1970s and 80s whose careers might not be doing as well these days. A quote of the day page to provide a daily dose of amusing or significant movie quotes.  What happened today in movie history?  A selection of links to other movie sites, and more.

E! presents moviefinder.comClick "Movies on TV", enter your city and the time of day you'll be looking for movies, and you'll see a complete listing.  Click on any movie in the listing to see  complete information about the movie.

OnVideo, Guide to Home Video ReleasesEverything you want to know about Home Video: Fast-breaking news, feature articles, video release schedule, capsule reviews, and more.


Movie Rental


NetFlix.ComI recommend this website.  The "Marquee" program is a brilliant idea.  Here's the deal: you sign up for any number of movies, and put them in priority order in your "Marquee Queue".  NetFlix ships you the first four.  Keep them as long as you want, but you don't get the fifth one until you return the first one.  Each time you return one, you get the next available movie on your Marquee Queue.  You pay $16 per month for up to four rentals each month.  After the first four in a given month, each additional movie costs you $4.  Shipping both ways (in a cleverly designed return envelope) by first class US mail is included in these costs.

Sounds interesting?  Go to the website to learn more.  It really works -- You can watch 10 movies a month and keep each one for a week or two for only $4 per movie.  If you get "backed up" in your movie-watching your only penalty is the monthly charge of $16, which works out to $4 per movie per month you delay returning them -- not so bad.  The Marquee Queue is easy to organize to keep your top picks at the front of the queue.