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 M P 3 


Music Industry Websites
Tunes.Com, Rolling Stone magazine's destination siteOn March 1, 1999, Rolling Stone Network launched  Its goal is to be "the biggest music destination on the Web," said Howard Tullman, chief executive of the Rolling Stone Network.

Atomic PopAl Teller, former chairman of MCA Music Entertainment Group, is launching an Internet-based record label and commerce site.  Atomic Pop is backed by private investors and launched on 2/17/99.  He announced, "The web is going to transform many things, but the music business will be transformed the most.  Not only can you showcase artists and promote them online, you can deliver the music online."  Blondie is the site's first promotional partner-artist.  The world premier of "Blondie Live", veaturing performances of new music and classic Blondie hits, will be Webcast 2/22/99.




Shania Twain, "Come on Over"In spite of bad reviews, I like Shania Twain's "Come on Over" CD.  For more about it, including some samples of the songs on it, click here.


Music CDs is unquestionably the Internet retailing leader.  They started selling books and have since branched out into music.  Nice features include a wide selection, reviews, and a special feature I haven't seen anywhere else: a list of related music -- "People who've bought this CD have also bought these other CDs".  It's a great way to browse.

CD NowCDNOW includes the former Music Boulevard and its content sites Roctropolis, Classical Insites, and Jazz Central Station.


Round Flat Records

Spree Music

Search by Artist or Song.  RealAudio clips available.

secondspin.jpg (13152 bytes) Used CDs


Customized Music CD Services

"With so many players in the online music space, firms that now want to start selling CDs on the Net have to fight to differentiate themselves." -- CNET, Inc., Copyright 1995-98. UNDER CONSTRUCTION... "Tired of spending 15 on a Compact Disc for only one song you like? Soon you'll be able to create a music CD customized with songs from your favorite artists at MYCD.COM."  I called webmaster Barry McCan at 801-961-8000, and he told me this web site would be up by the end of June, 1998.

SuperSonicBoomLogo.gif (2405 bytes) Browse our catalog & listen to song clips (using Real Audio), Select up to 55 minutes of music for $16.99 plus shipping.  Enter a customized CD title and payment info.  We'll produce your CD and ship it within 24 hours of purchase

Custom Disc "A New Spin on Music"... where you can create customized audio CDs to fit your musical needs and create wonderful, personalized gifts. We want to become your favorite way to buy music!




wandererTAM.gif (87686 bytes)The Wanderer has a great selection of MIDI oldies.   It takes a long time to load, but he plays a nice MIDI tune for you while you wait.   It's hard to navigate at first -- just click the "same page streaming" boxes, and be patient.  It's worth the wait if you like music from the 50's, 60's and early 70's.  The Famous DJ Gary Larkin does a 30 Minute
Radio Show in Real Audio format each week just for The Wanderers site.

Your Mining Co. Guide to midi musicLook at the Net Links section for lots of MIDI music


TV Theme Songs


Midifest.comMIDIFEST.  This site once had Many, many TV themes.  When I checked on 8/21/98, there was a message posted to the effect that the site was undergoing some major changes.  When I checked again on 10/04/98, I saw they weren't lying!  This is a mega site of Midi music.  "As this site grows and grows, one of the staples of MIDI-Fest will continue to be it's strong collection of Television and Movie MIDIs. Recent theme songs such as South Park and Titantic, along with oldies like Andy Griffith and Bewitched. So enjoy this section along with all the others that MIDI-Fest offers. You can always download the hottest and most recent TV or Movie MIDIs by following this link. Coming soon will be up-to-date MIDIPacks containing all of the TV and Movie tunes in MIDI-Fest."