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Ecola is the most incredible compilation of thousands  of links to newspapers and magazines.  See Category Search for more info.

Newspapers and Magazines
Mad MagazineMad Magazine -- with nauseating previews of the current issue, news, and other useless information about this

The New York TimesWe wanted to let you know about several enhancements to The New York Times on the Web that improve access to news and information important to you.

Search and Learn With Encyclopaedia Britannica archives. Over 85,000 Encyclopaedia Britannica articles and illustrations are now included in every search of our 365-Day Archive of The New York Times. The search and summary are free; each full article retrieved costs $2.50, regardless of length.

Better Tools to Track the Market. PC Quote brings you improved tools to track the market and manage your investments. From updated business news and company profiles to stock quotes and customized portfolios, you'll find what you need in our Business section.

The New York Times Learning Network connects teachers of grades 6-12, their students and parents to the most comprehensive news and education resource on the web. Building upon news and archives from The New York Times, the Learning Network includes daily lesson plans, interactive news quizzes, and opportunities to talk with reporters from The Times.

Breaking Technology News From CMPnet, keeping you up to the minute about the fast-changing world of technology. We've also made available CMP's encyclopedia of technology terms, product reviews and downloads of popular software. All in addition to our original CyberTimes technology coverage, found only on the Web.

NASA at 40. Historic articles, dramatic video and photos from the archives of The Times recall the high points and low points of NASA's four decades of space exploration. A special report, only on The Times on the Web.

Thank you for choosing The New York Times on the Web as your source for quality news on the web.
Bernard Gwertzman, Editor
The New York Times on the Web

The Antelope Valley PressThe Antelope Valley Press

Los Angeles TimesThe Los Angeles Times


Television Networks


CNN InteractiveCNN Interactive

1st_logo.gif (3383 bytes)MSNBC

ABClogo_home.gif (4459 bytes)ABC News


Computer Journals


techsupt.gif (5160 bytes) The official magazine of NaSPA, the National Systems Programmers Association.   Articles deal with issues faced by Information Systems workers in an IBM Mainframe environment.  Some of the more "quaint" articles give rare insights into the isolated life of the IBM Mainframe Systems Programmer.

Xephon -- MVS Update, etc.

Beyond Computing MagazineBeyond Computing Magazine has articles of interest to computer professionals as well as links to web sites discussed in these articles.  The links are very extensive -- to the point where Beyond Computing can be considered a category-based search engine!

compunotes.gif (10540 bytes)Compunotes "covers the PC computing world with comprehensive reviews, news, great columns and interviews".


Meg Ryan"Los Angeles Magazine has become part of an established tradition of stylish and sophisticated publications that has defined modern publishing."  But that's not why I bought this particular issue.  Have you ever seen a better picture of Meg Ryan?

InternetArtResourcesLogo.gif (2700 bytes)All about art -- articles of interest to artists and art lovers.

cyguyani.gif (21209 bytes) Cyber Guy, Kurt Knutsson, brings the Internet to life on TV. The CyberGuy team's TV news features empower people with meaningful knowledge about the Internet and technology.

Character CountsMichael Josephson, founder and president of the CHARACTER COUNTS! Coalition and Josephson Institute of Ethics, gives a daily radio commentary on KNX 1070 AM radio in Los Angeles.

PR Newswire Has press releases, can be searched by ticker symbol.  Co-sponsors internet audio broadcasts with Audionet.


Drudge Report

Career MagazineCareer Magazine has listings of Job Openings, Employers, Articles, Resume Bank, Career Forum, On Campus, and Diversity.   Feature articles and regular columns are devoted to topics such as making "websumes", feeling better about yourself, and helping others.  A Hotbot-powered search engine can find information within the web site.

CMP NetCMP Net is a group of magazines and online services devoted to technology.  CMP websites include:, ChannelWeb, Communications Central, Computer Reseller News, Data Communications, EDTN, EE Times, Electronic Buyers' News, Enterprise Partner,

Tech WebTech Web, the Network for IT Professionals

Information Week MagazineInformation Week Magazine: "Business Innovation Powered by Technology"


Financial Magazines