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Active Buyer's GuideActive Buyer's Guide uses state-of-the-art technology to identify the products that best match your needs. The Guide asks you a series of questions that hone in on your best product. All in just 5 to 10 minutes. You'll end up saving hours of research time.  This web site is a service of Active Research, which offers "Active Research Advisor" to companies for a fee starting at $10,000 per year.  The anonymous data collected when you research a product is then summarized and fed to companies who subscribe to the Advisor service.
Active Buyer's GuideConsumer Reports distributes its information in many forms. We publish monthly newsletters covering health and travel. Our special publications cover a wide range of topics, from autos to money to baby products. We also offer telephone information services to help you get the best deal on new and used cars and auto insurance. Our television and radio programs reach millions of consumers. And all of our products and services are backed by our reputation of over 60 years of unbiased and independent testing and reporting.
Active Buyer's offers unbiased advice on over 100,000 products and services to help you make better buying decisions.


Books, etc.

See also: Audio (for CD's and music videos)

DirectTextbook.comDirect Textbook is the fastest textbook and book price comparison site on the internet. We help you find the lowest prices on new & used textbooks before you buy! Our price search software compares dozens of discount book stores, used books stores, campus bookstores and other online book stores to find the lowest price available.

Caitlin writes on 2/3/2005, "I looked up about four different books on Amazon, and [], and I also compared the prices with those of the bookstore here [at the University of San Diego], and I don't see much of a difference at all among all three places. The prices for new books were either identical, or off by not more than a dollar; however, the prices for used books are quite a bit cheaper on amazon than from the bookstore here (of course on amazon it says from whatever price it is and up, so I could end up paying the same amount that I paid here at USD). On the directtextbook website I didn't a price for used books, only new ones. Maybe they have a link for that, but I can't see one. Also, I've heard of the prices there are really really cheap, but I'm not really sure about that one."

Amazon.comAmazon.Com is unquestionably the Internet retailing leader.  They started selling books and have since branched out into music.  Nice features include a wide selection, reviews, and a special feature I haven't seen anywhere else: a list of related books -- "People who've bought this book have also bought these other books".  You might want to check out's "Daily Scoop" page for the latest news and listings.  Graeme has made some lists of books from the Amazon web site:
   The Starr Reading List
   Puffin Classics
   Magic Attic Club
   Or enter ISBN Number:

Reel.com85,000 movies for sale.  Some good bargains -- for example, Titanic, which has a $30 suggested retail and a $20 minimum advertised price was offered for $9.99 for orders placed before the 9/1/98 release date. was bought up by Hollywood Entertainment in 1998.
Buy Videos, a Buy.Com companyPrice: offers the latest entertainment titles at the guaranteed lowest prices on earth. You can buy with confidence knowing you're getting the best prices on the products you want. You also pay no sales tax on all shipments outside the state of Tennessee.
     Leadership: is proud to be the world's largest internet-only entertainment products retailer. We offer more than 1,000,000 in-stock titles from your favorite publishers, studios, and game maker
     Delivery: Delivery when you need it to from one of six regional warehouses. Select Priority Overnight, Next Day, 2 Day, or Ground shipment services from either UPS or Federal Express.
     Security: Feel secure ordering on-line! uses Verisign, an internet leader in security transactions, on every order placed.
     Service: provides a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, hassle-free returns, and on-line support.


Computer Hardware / Software


Insight "America's discount source for computers, hardware and software."  Insight is publicly traded on Nasdaq using symbol NSIT.


Auctions / Name-Your-Price


Z-AuctionJust as Amazon took the Internet world of book retailing by storm, Ebay is the sudden new leader in the Internet world of auctions.
priceline, where you name the priceName your price.   It started with airline tickets.  Now they're offering cars this way.  If a major supplier wants to sell it to you at that price, you've got a deal.  Both the pricing concept and the business model are patented.  In the future, they expect to offer consumer services such as home mortgages, insurance, personal computers, telecommunications, hotels, cruises, credit cards and much more!
Live Auction OnlineThe webmaster of L.A.O. emailed me to say it's not fair for me to have a link to ebay without also a link to L.A.O.  So here it is.  As of 4/3/99, Live Auction Online is growing rapidly with 10,000 registered users and 1 million visits a month.  Listings are FREE, you only pay if your Auction has a high bidder and your item sells.  Over 1000 categories ...... Enjoy the Auction Action at L.A.O.  Be sure to check the L.A.O. News to find out what others are saying about our site!!
WebAuction.ComThis site offers for auction various kinds of merchandice, including the 1998 Volkswagen Beetle, a 1999 brand new Harley-Davidson as well as all kinds of computer gear.  "Hourly Madness" auctions are held weekdays at 1:00, 4:00, and 8:00 Eastern time and Saturday at 8:00 pm Eastern.  WEBkids offers name brand children's products including Safety 1st, Fisher Price, Cosco and more.




Quairang, Isle of Skye, Scotland
Isle of Skye

ScottishQuality.Com Gifts
food & drink
gourmet food
wine by the case
pottery and ceramics
celtic armoury
kilt accessories
tartan and tweed
whisky accessories


Grocery -- internet grocerThousands of brand-name items -- the same brands you buy at your local drugstore or supermarket including fresh and frozen foods -- delivered right to your door seven days a week -- pick a time slot most convenient for you.  (Stock symbol: PPOD)