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"Alternative Math" is the name I give to ideas proposed by people who, for whatever reason, have not (yet) been accepted by the mathematics establishment.  In some cases, these lone pioneers have developed methods and nomenclatures that are foreign to the mainstream practitioners, so their results remain out of reach of the mainstream.  In other cases, these innovators have proved alternative theorems that contradict theorems that have been accepted for centuries.  In all cases, the new ideas are not accepted by traditional mathematicians.

A few years ago, I collected several of these Alternative Math ideas in this one section, knowing I was running the risk of alienating the original thinkers responsible for them.  I received a good amount of hate mail, some of which I published on this website, which further infuriated the alternative mathematicians.

Now I have seen the error of my ways, and removed the entire section on alternative math from my website.  Sorry, everyone.

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