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Miscellaneous Topics Related to Factoring


Intro to Quadratic
Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
Polynomial Remainder Theorem
Descartes' Rule Of Signs

The Intro to Quadratic page focuses on solving quadratic equations by finding two numbers if you know their sum and product.  It goes into considerable detail about the difference of two squares, and how this knowledge helps you.  There's even a javascript calculator that automates the procedure taught on this page.

The FOIL page explains FOIL, which means First, Outer, Inner, Last.

The Polynomial Remainder Theorem says:

If f(x) is a polynomial, then the remainder obtained by dividing f(x) by x-r equals f(r)
In other words, x-r is a factor of f(x)-f(r)

One of the special results of this theorem is this: if the coefficients of a polynomial add up to zero, then the polynomial is divisible by (x-1).

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