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Academic Decathlon 2004 Logic Quiz

Camping in Mexico!  (400 points)

In the text below find 4 items you take to camp:
(words can be made out of letters from more than one word in the text)

Example:  I found out that the brands of watches that students are most likely to wear are Swatch and Timex.  I contacted students in all parts of California for the study.

Answer: Mexico

    As we sat reviewing the events of the last three days, we realized how lucky we were to be alive.  Our family of four had planned a long trek from California to the Guaraba glaciers via the Sonora desert.  As our one-engine plane flew at erratic lazy speed over the Mexican desert we thought everything was going to be wonderful.  We were delighted to land safely and go to sleep.  We woke up in the middle of the night when a gushing torrent came down the arroyo.  We scrambled out, intent on salvaging all we could.  But our gear was out of sight.  Our plane disappeared in a sea of mud.  I called for help.  Soon a rickety truck driven by the "policia turista" came to pick us up.  The next day we were back home.

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