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Academic Decathlon 2004 Logic Quiz

Treasure Hunt  (500 points)

Visit (by landing on) every square one time only to reach treasure (T).  3S 1E means three squares South and one square East (the last square that leads you to T should be labeled 24 on the answer sheet, the square that leads you to 24 should be labeled 23 etc...)  When finished correctly each square will have a number from 1 to 24 and T.  Add the far right column values and enter in the answer sheet


You could spend all day looking for a square that leads you to T, and then another day looking for a square that leads you to that.  There's a better way.  Pick a square at random, and see where it leads.  Draw a line to show this.  Then, find out where that square leads, and keep drawing lines.  Finally you'll get to T.  This will give you the last part of the trail that leads to T.

Then, to pick up the trail earlier, start with any box you haven't visited yet, and go forwards from there.  Before long, you will pick up the trail.  Repeat this process until you find that the trail leads through every box (or at least the far right-hand boxes).

Then, number the boxes, in the order that the trail leads you.

The right-hand boxes are numbered 11, 22, 16, 4, and 24.  Their sum is 77.


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