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Academic Decathlon 2004 State Championship Logic Quiz

Question 10

The army is training its soldiers in one or more skills, depending on their aptitude.  This Venn Diagram shows how many soldiers are trained in each of three skills:

Using the diagram, above, answer these questions:

a. How many soldiers have been trained in Rocket Launching or Field Combat?

b. How many soldiers have been trained as Scouts and Field Combat but not in Rocket Launching?

c. How many soldiers have not been trained in Field Combat?

d. What percentage of soldiers can be used as scouts?  (Round to the nearest full percentage)

e. If 20 of those trained in Scouting and Rocket Launching are on leave, how many are left on base who can Scout or Launch Rockets?

f. How many can Scout or do Field Combat but haven't been trained to Launch Rockets?

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