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Hello, my name is Graeme McRae.  I have always loved math, and I enjoy teaching it to others.   I try to convey an instinctive feel for math, and take the mystery and confusion out of a subject that many people find very difficult. 

This web site is your portal to my math tutoring services.  I'm offering quite a few services (time permitting), all free of charge and risk-free.  I hope you take advantage of them.

Math tutoring services

Your math student may send me an email any time, and I will respond with the best help I can.  But tell your student to plan ahead -- I can't always respond the same day, but I'll always respond in a day or two.

This web site has dozens of pages (actually, more than a hundred at last count) that give instant help and explanation for all sorts of topics.  I add to this web site frequently, so it keeps getting better.  Often, if you ask me a question (using any of the methods, above), I will refer you to a page I've already written that answers your question.  Or if no page exists, I might create one to help you and anyone else who asks me the same question in future.

I bet you're wondering whether geometry and trigonometry help can be done over the Internet.  Well, it can.  I can set up a time with your math student to chat and draw diagrams using this whiteboard.  The password is "fibonacci".  Try it now to see its capabilities and become familiar with it.  I don't monitor the whiteboard, so you'll need to send me an email suggesting a time that we might both use the whiteboard.  Don't forget to tell me what time zone you're in.  To get started, if there is a diagram you want to show me, you can write it up on the whiteboard and save it, with a title and your name.  Then I can add to it, and save it with the same title so you can find it.

If my free "time permitting" approach isn't right for you, check out this professional tutoring service: 

These websites are geared for middle school and high school (and beyond) math students.


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