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"Just the FAQs, ma'am"

Tutoring FAQ

What are your qualifications, Graeme?
What will you do that my kid's teachers aren't already doing?
How can I trust that this isn't some kind of scam or trick?
What if I want to pay you anyway?
What's in it for you?
Are you going to sell my email address?
What if I want professional tutoring?

Math Learning FAQ

It's been 20 years since I've taken math, and now I'm back in school and totally lost. What should I do?
Are there any websites that have study tips?
I ace my homework, but when I take a test, I seem to forget everything? How can I improve my test scores?
I know how to do the problems, but I'm not fast enough to finish the test in time.
My daughter is in an algebra II class. She has struggled all year.

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