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What are your qualifications, Graeme?

I have a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Rutgers University.  I have taught classes in Computer Programming at a community college.  Over the Internet I have helped dozens of people improve their math skills, and in person I have tutored my own children and their friends.  Their math grades have improved after just a few hours of tutoring.

What will you do that my kid's teachers aren't already doing?

You may already know this: math teachers and math books don't always reach kids.  Ask your kids if they understand their teachers.  Ask them if they understand their math book.  Many kids don't.  The information and knowledge is in their books -- I know, I've read my kids' textbooks -- but the teachers somehow don't bring the information to the kids' attention, and the kids don't read their book on their own.  So my main role as a tutor is to read and explain your kid's own textbook to him or her.  Often the information seems to be a big mountain of trivia to your kids.  I can put the facts into context, and explain which ones are important to remember.

How can I trust that this isn't some kind of scam or trick?

I won't ask you or your kids for any personal information, so you risk nothing.  All I can say is to give me a try.  If I don't help you, oh well, you lose nothing.  But chances are I can help you.

What if I want to pay you anyway?

What if I do such a good job you want to reward me for doing such a good job?  Here's what you can do: send a check, big or small, to my kids' former grade school:

Sacred Heart School
45002 Date Ave.
Lancaster, CA 93534

What's in it for you?

You might wonder if I have an ulterior motive.  No, I just enjoy helping Jr. High and High School students with math.  I get great satisfaction from seeing the "Aha!" of understanding after I've done an especially good job of explaining something.

Are you going to sell my email address?

Absolutely not.  No identifying information about you will ever be disclosed to any other person or organization.

No offense, but what if I want professional tutoring?

Visit for high quality professional tutoring.

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