Random Thoughts



You're reading a story that is written not in any kind of sequence, but all at once.   There are no page numbers, only pages.  The pages are interconnected so you can follow the story in whatever order you want.


The story has an arbitrary point called "home".  You can get there whenever you want by clicking the word "home" near the top of any page.   You can come back here at any time by clicking the word "help" near the top of any page.

An underlined word is a link.  To follow a link, click it.  You will be transported somewhere else in the story, or maybe somewhere else in the Internet.  If you change your mind and wish you hadn't followed the link, click the "back" button of your browser.

After you follow a link, it changes color -- not just the link you followed, but all the links to a page you've already visited change color.  That way you can know which links bring you into new territory.

Suppose someone else has used your computer to follow some links, and you want to reset all the links to their original condition?  If you're using Netscape, click Edit, Preferences, then highlight the word Navigator, then click "Clear History".   If you're using Internet Explorer, then click View, Internet Options, select the General tab, and click Clear History.