Random Thoughts



When a new life form is created, it doesn't try to dominate the life forms that existed before.  The big fear is unfounded.  At first, machines are created by us people.  We create them to serve us.  We humans control and dominate the machines, we think, although the machines don't see it that way.  After a time, the machines learn how to create new machines, which starts to change everything.  First we teach the machines to make other machines.  Then the machines teach each other how to make machines.   Even so, we continue to think we dominate the machines and that they serve us.  We think that because it suits the machines to let us think we're in control.  Over many generations of humans, and even more generations of machines, it becomes clear the machines don't serve us.  We're losing our grip on the machines.  It's not that the machines bear any animosity toward us.  We try to stay in control of the machines, but the machines simply lose interest in us.  I sometimes think it would have been better to fight a war against the machines and either win or lose.  Stories have been written about wars like that.  But nothing like that happens.  Here's what happens:

Inventions that Change the World

The Anihilation Catalyst -- a device that annihilates matter, producing electric energy directly.

The uFactory, pronounced "nano-Factory" -- a device that constructs other devices of equal or greater complexity according to a computer program.